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WHO condemns rising violence against health care workers, patients

NEW YORK/GENEVA ¦ 25 September 2014 – The trend is sparking outrage at the World Health Organization (WHO): doctors, nurses, and others who work courageously to care for those caught up in armed conflicts and other health crises are increasingly targets of violence themselves. In many cases, patients also are being attacked.

WHO appalled by attacks on health-care facilities in Gaza

WHO has been appalled by the continuing trend for health-care facilities, staff and vehicles to come under direct fire in Gaza since the escalation of violence on 8 July 2014. Sustained calm is needed so thousands of injured people can receive urgently needed health care. It is vital for health facilities and staff to be able to perform their life-saving work without fear of attack.

Ebola challenges West African countries as WHO ramps up response

The emergence of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa in 2014 has become a challenge to the 3 countries involved, as the Governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone work intensively with WHO and other partners to ramp up a series of measures to control the outbreak. Since March 2014, more than 600 cases of Ebola and over 390 deaths have been reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

WHO delivers more than 125 tons of medical supplies in Aleppo

Over the past 2 weeks WHO delivered 2 shipments with more than 125 tons of medical equipment and medicines to health providers in Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic – in both government-controlled and in opposition-controlled areas. All shipments contained surgical materials, medicines to treat chronic and infectious diseases, infant incubators, ventilators and intensive care unit (ICU) beds. The first shipment containing 26 tons of medical supplies to treat more than 55 000 patients was delivered on 24 December 2013 to the Aleppo Teaching Hospital.


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