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The CBRNE Collaborative for Health Care has looked across Canada and the world to find CBRNE Training that is realistic, and applicable to our contrained time and funding for such learning. Our focus is two fold: 1. Help you, your institution and community be better prepared to increase patient care capacity due to a surge caused by a CBRNE event AND 2. Use these training opportunities to enhance stakeholder collaboration around capacity creation and improving health system efficiencies...something that has daily value.

Our collaborative embraces creative thinking, and encourages the development of novel approaches to preventing, and managing surges. We feel engagement through discussion and exercises in safe "sandboxes", key to nurturing  ideas that may have true benefit. Watch for the activities as the roll out. Join us in Toronto for the full experience. 

We are running a Social Media Campaign "Spray Germ Challenge" to raise awareness of the need to improve HCW Training in advanced PPE. Take advantage of or Fall Speakers Series, participate in Forums, Groups, Share Content, and Surge Games. Global participation welcomed!

 Contact  if you are interested in hosting an event.


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