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The University of Waterloo, in Kitchener, Ontario trains pharmacy students in infectious disease outbreaks and public health emergencies. The course is run by Olla Wasfi, a pracitioner trained in microbiology and public health. Dr. Laurie Mazurik, the CBRNE Collaborative Project Lead runs outbreak simulations for the students. "The students have been fantastic!" says Dr. Mazurik, "They are engaged and working in teams have been able to build some amazing analyses of the scenarios we put them through (SARS, 1918 like Pandemic, etc) complete with recommendations for PPE, Isolation, Quarantine, Use of Antivirals, Immunization Priorities and Public Messaging." This Power Point was created by two students Saleema Bhaidani and Riam Jamil as part of an assignment to provide information about MERS. We thought is was worthy of sharing. Please take a look. Comments welcome! If you would also like to share a presentation contact us at

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