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Group: Mass Casualty Triage

Mission Statement

Mass Casualties generally refers to Mass Trauma. This Group will look at mass casualties from a Mass Trauma/Burns (violence,extreme weather,etc) who need predominantly surgical care and Mass Medical Casualties (major infectious like pandemics, ebola,or other infectious diseases that cause a medical surge). Many recommendations for the management of "surges" have been developed, and the number continues continues to grow without consensus. Recommendations such as keep 20% of your hospital capacity available as a form of  "surge managment" are unrealistc, and to do pulse or respiratory counts on every patient when you are a triage officer looking at several hundred seldom done. It is important to consider the human factors and the impact of actual resource availability on critical decision making 

The Missions or Priority of these groups are sharing ideas for the purpose of working towards consensus related to:

1. Field Triage and Critical Decision Support for Patient Distribution across a network of hospitals (if available)
2. Medical Triage within a Hospital
3. Surgical Triage within a Hospital
4. Mass Burn Triage in both the field and hospital setting


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