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I Volunteer

It's hard to know why people volunteer. Is it to meet people? Help others? Experience adventure? To feel valued?
It's probably a combination of all of these and more. There are incredible health volunteer organizations like "Doctors without Borders" and there are volunteers who bring cancer patients a drink and sandwich. All are important and make a difference. The CBRNE Collaborative supports volunteer groups through promotion where we can. This Year we want to Profile a Student Group of Volunteers called ACERT.

The Association of Campus Emergency Response Teams of Canada (ACERT)  is made up of students who volunteer their time to provide First Aid Support at College or University Events. The students come from all professional pursuits and self organize to take and teach First Aid Courses to its members. They also regularly meet to review their practice and train. Members include over 14 campus response teams across Ontario, Ontario and Alberta.
TWICE a Year ACERT holds a National Conference which includes lectures and amazing Team Simulations! 

The CBRNE Collaborative and Ontario Emergency Medical Assistance Team were so impressed with these students we are Proudly Supporting this year's.

ACERT MIXER Conference November 15 and 16, 2014 in Toronto.
The Theme: Volunteers in Disasters

Check out the program! Click here

Want to learn more about how you can get involved with ACERT, please visit there site 
Disaster Strikes!
A Multi-Player Internet Game 
Meet others on line, form a team and play! Talk about your experience afterwards.

October 15: Terrorist Hostage Taking
October 22: Hurricane!
October 29: Tsunami
November 5: Pandemic

4 teams play (Health,Security,Psychosocial and Safety). 4-5 players per team. Together they must save as many people as possible.
45 minute games that end in a discussion about critical decisions that were made. Supported with optional online curriculum and forums for after play learning.We are looking for volunteers to participate,  CLICK HERE to register yourself for one or all of the above game nights.

CBRNE Events
Are you a student or an individual who has experience or is passionate about emergency preparedness? CBRNE offers many exciting volunteer roles for people like you. We are currently planning our fall programs and November conference and would love for you to be a part of them. 
If you are interested in joining us, please email for more information on current roles.

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