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Two Step Screening For Ebola: Quick 1 and Detailed 2

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Two Step Screening For Ebola: Quick 1 and Detailed 2

In endemic areas, frontline health care workers are extremely vigilant for Ebola as they are being directly affected by it. In countries not affected by Ebola, there are a combinations of concerns heightened by extensive media coverage and dismissal because "it won't happen here". Global travel makes the transmission or rare and fatal diseases possible. CAN health care workers can take simple steps to identify a potential "High Risk Infectious Disease Threat", i.e. meaning it is a threat to them and others in contact with the patient? We think so. Take a look at the 2 step screen for Ebola, A "Quick Screen"  meant to be used at Triage in the ED or Pre-hospital Setting and Detailed Epi-link Screen which is done only after staff have donned appropriate personal protection and isolated the patient. We have yet to find a URK for the Continually  "Updated Epi-Link Screen". If you have one or other ideas-please SHARE.

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