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CBRNE Subject Matter Committee Members: Chair Dr. Frank Walter, Advanced Hazmat Life Support, University of Arizona.

The CBRNE Subject Matter Expert Committee is responsible for establishing international contributions to the CBRNE specific content including Environmental causes of incidents.

This will be done by linking key CBRNE experts and organizations worldwide and inviting them to become Members. Members will expected to collaborate with other project members and committees to:

  • Recruit all-Hazard,Chemical, Biological, Radio-Nuclear, Explosion, and/or Environmental experts to contribute content, reviewers and authors to the development of the CBRNE guidelines, competencies and standards.
  • Help establish a method to maintain the standards both locally and worldwide.
  • Ensure standards are resource based and adaptive i.e. change to match available resources and conditions
  • In return for participation all members and their organizations will share in the right to use the new program developed.

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